There’s a new spreadable in town and Trevor Hart has brought his usual flair to this TV spot for Kerrygold Ireland and agency McCann Dublin. We think the beautiful photography and lightness of touch is going to make this mother-daughter story stand out in the ad break. Catch it on the break in the Late Late Show tonight no less!

Creative Director: Bren Byrne
DOP: Simon Walsh
Production Design: Eleanor Harpur
Stylist: Driscoll Calder
Food Styling: Erica Ryan
Post Production: Screen Scene

The Queen for Starbucks

​More technical wizardy from The Queen in their latest spot for Starbucks. The lads explain a bit about their process below:

“We got to try out lots of camera-rig ideas, and use loads of weird lenses, like putting us inside the cup and the bag. It was a great team effort between the departments, and came off the back of a great script with loads of great ideas and challenges!

Rig-wise, we attached the camera to the cups with a bearing, so we could spin round them, and also attached it to the inside of the cup, the drawer of the dishwasher and the bike.

We synced the movement of a grip rig with the tilt of the guy waking up(31 secs), and the hand-over from above(38 secs).

We also used a bunch of unusual lenses to give the feeling of being small, and in the world of the cup - for instance we used the Laowa 24mm Probe to move out through the alarm clock, up through the cup, and through the inside of the book. We also used a traditional borescope/periscope lense (the Optex Excellence) to get low to the surfaces, and give that feeling of being small.

We didn’t know if the inside-bag shot would work, but it turned out well, too. It’s a really wide lens, with a special rig that Jem the grip made.

Then we threw in some extra tricks, like action-cut transitions to jump ahead in time, and take us from one place to the next.”

We are thrilled to announce Ciarán Dooley as the latest addition to the Sweet team. Ciarán is a Dublin born director whose films that pack a real punch. He reveals the humanity at the heart of a story, drawing it out and using it to inform honest performances and powerful images. His work in commercials has earned him a Kinsale Shark for directing craft and he was chosen to become a Warner Bros. Creative Talent Screenwriting Scholar at the National Film School. We hope you like his work as much as we do!

Bethan Seller joins our Sweet director roster!

Thrilled to announce that amazing director Bethan Seller has joined our director roster! Bethan is a vivacious director at the youthful stage of her commercial career. Whether she’s using her directorial powers to campaign for dropping the tax on sanitary powers, or getting the best performance out of the talent on her many fashion shoots, she always exceeds expectations. Her trademark sense of fun and energy is always bought to the screen with fantastic comic casting and bold production design which always leaves us with a smile on our face.

Henry Littlechild is an award winning London based director internationally renowned for his quirkiness, innovative ideas and fresh humor. Henry’s style encapsulates intelligently crafted, creative comedy performance, which crosses live-action, vfx, animation, puppetry and CGI post-production techniques.

Over the years, Henry has picked up multiple awards including three Silver Cannes Lions, a Silver BTAA, Young Guns Bronze and one Show Gold. He is known for his work for agencies throughout Europe such as AMVBBDO, Fallon, Leo Burnett, MullenLowe, Grey, Ogilvy and TBWA.

Henry’s 2016 spot for Irish brand Smyth’s Toys featuring Beyoncé’s ‘If I were a Boy’ went viral and was praised globally for challenging gender stereotypes and sending a positive message to children.