The Queen for Starbucks

The Queen for Starbucks


​More technical wizardy from The Queen in their latest spot for Starbucks. The lads explain a bit about their process below:

“We got to try out lots of camera-rig ideas, and use loads of weird lenses, like putting us inside the cup and the bag. It was a great team effort between the departments, and came off the back of a great script with loads of great ideas and challenges!

Rig-wise, we attached the camera to the cups with a bearing, so we could spin round them, and also attached it to the inside of the cup, the drawer of the dishwasher and the bike.

We synced the movement of a grip rig with the tilt of the guy waking up(31 secs), and the hand-over from above(38 secs).

We also used a bunch of unusual lenses to give the feeling of being small, and in the world of the cup - for instance we used the Laowa 24mm Probe to move out through the alarm clock, up through the cup, and through the inside of the book. We also used a traditional borescope/periscope lense (the Optex Excellence) to get low to the surfaces, and give that feeling of being small.

We didn’t know if the inside-bag shot would work, but it turned out well, too. It’s a really wide lens, with a special rig that Jem the grip made.

Then we threw in some extra tricks, like action-cut transitions to jump ahead in time, and take us from one place to the next.”